A242013 21

Sport sneakers with vintage urban style. Upper printed textile material combined with PU. EVA midsole make it very light and comfortable. Its laces, and rear loop for easy to...

Code: L-11/242-013-21/625
Arcus M RB9X Aqua 1

Long distance summer comfort

Code: H73003-0B-41
A242012 21 Code: L-11/242-012-21/429
Spirit8 OLX Poison Black 1

Orienteering and off-trail running.

Code: A98101-9B-41
B53101 0B Acceleritas8 M RB9X Orange Black 1

Trail running, orienteering, swimrunning, OCR.

Code: B53101-0B-41
Sisu OLX Poison 1

For racing and training on technical trails or off-trail.

Code: A98105-9A-41